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We currently offer free delivery to local communities in Waxhaw, NC. There is a minimal delivery fee within the Charlotte area. 704-256-4900

COMING SOON to Carolina Charcuterie Co... The Brunch Board!

Charcuterie that is simple, yet elegant & elevated Carolina Charcuterie Co.

"We really care about bringing exceptional quality and service to our customers. At Carolina Charcuterie Co., we pride ourselves on serving the freshest ingredients we can source".

~Matt & Barbie

We offer several Charcuterie themed options to choose from, including our newest addition, The Charcuterie Handheld. We have you covered. Whether it's a party, birthday, holiday, or just hangin pool-side, we are here for you!

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The growing collection at Carolina Chacuterie Co.

  • Did you know..

    Edible flowers offer many qualities such as Vitamin C and antioxidants, while increasing good cholesterol levels. It also acts as an anti-inflamatory and aides in good heart and muscle funtion. Not only do we like them for their vibrant color and nutrients, here at Carolina Charcuterie Co., we love them for their amazing health benefits.

"The best times are always found, when friends and families gather round".

~Matt & Barbie | Carolina charcuterie co.