What is Charcuterie and why do you want it at your next party?? - Carolina Charcuterie Co.

What is Charcuterie and why do you want it at your next party??

When we say “charcuterie,” we are most often referring to the acts of preparing, assembling, and artfully arranging cured meats with artisan cheeses, olives, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, crackers, and spreads. This is exactly why you want it at your next party, gathering or event - There’s nothing quite like getting together with friends to share an appetizer, and charcuterie boards are the most easily shareable appetizer we can think of and there is rarely any waste! One of the coolest things about a charcuterie board, in our opinion, is that it's an awesome eating experience, as it wakes up your palette giving you a variety of different flavors. Aside from the spoons or tongs, you may use to apply spreads and items to your plate, utensils aren’t necessary for eating items from a charcuterie board. Not to mention the wonderful design and display that becomes the focal point and discussion piece at any party.

We at Carolina Charcuterie Co. focus on using the highest quality and always look to source the freshest ingredients. Our goal is to create different types of party boards and boxes and to always be on the cutting edge of bold flavors and creativity. As we move into the Fall Season, we will be adding new themed items, so please follow us!

The kitchen is our laboratory, it's where the magic happens in order to create customer memories for a lifetime! Together, we bring you great service, quality, and new ideas at Carolina Charcuterie Co. to make your next party a hit!
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